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Suis-je bilingue ou non?

Suis-je bilingue ou non? Je me trouve, de nouveau, à Montréal, où je me sens toujours bien dans ma peau. Mais comme toujours, je me demande si je parle vraiment le français ou si je me trompe. Hier et aujourd’hui j’ai … Continue reading

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Japanese Input on Your PC

Setting up your PC to read and write in Japanese is free, easy and just takes a few minutes. Doing a search on “Japanese Input” will give you many results to choose from, many of which reiterate or direct you … Continue reading

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미셸 찌가 파리 에 있어 요.

From last night’s Korean lesson: 미셸 찌가 파리 에 있어 요. “Michelle is in Paris.” I mention this example from class because 미셸 찌 is my best 친구. 미셸 찌 called me on my way to my 한극 수업 last … Continue reading

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First Words in a Second Language

If you have to say “ø#ªö%^&*@$!”, say it in your own language. You shouldn’t be saying it in the language you are studying. The first words to learn are the words you will need most often: Yes, no, please, excuse … Continue reading

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새해복많이받이세요! Happy Lunar New Year!

(Oh no, I have to learn how to type — all over again!) 새해복많이 받으세요! Did I get it right?

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Obrigado Brasil!

Antes de mais, quero agradecer ao gente incrivelmente generosa do Brasil. Em 2007 eu passei um mês visitando em Porto Alegre, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, com quase nenhum dinheiro. Eu sinto falta de vocês e tenho saudades do … Continue reading

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