First Words in a Second Language

If you have to say “ø#ªö%^&*@$!”, say it in your own language. You shouldn’t be saying it in the language you are studying.

The first words to learn are the words you will need most often:

  1. Yes, no, please, excuse me, thank you.
  2. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I understand.
  3. Please say that again.
  4. What does [this] mean?
  5. How do you say [that] in [English]?
  6. Could you help me, please? Can I help you?
  7. Thank you.

Take an hour or two to become comfortable using these few words. It is the first step toward speaking the language instead of just studying it.

  • You will have a foundation for communication, a foundation you can build on.
  • You will begin to lose your fear of speaking the language.
  • You will begin to think in the target language, at least for these words and phrases.
  • You will get more out of your classes and studies.
  • You will earn the respect of native speakers of the language.
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