First Phrases in Korean

Beginning in Korean is challenging. The hardest part is not the writing system, (which is surprisingly easy and you can learn to read and write it in a week), but the pronunciation. To learn vocabulary, you must grasp the pronunciation, and to grasp the pronunciation you have to learn 한글 (hangul).

한글 is so easy to learn that, at least for English speakers, using roman letters to learn Korean vocabulary is counterproductive.

Practice typing on Korean keyboard. Install Korean language input.

first phrases:

  1. 네 [ne]/ 예 [ye] = yes
  2. 아니요 [aniyo] = no
  3. 글쎄요… [kul se yo] = Well… (indicates hesitation, uncertainty)
  4. 이거 한국어뭐라고해요? [igŏ hangugŏ ro mwa ra go hae yo] = How do you say this in Korean?
  5. 무슨뜻이에요? [museuntteusi e yo ] = What does this mean?
  6. 모르겠습니다. [moreugesseumnida] =  I don’t understand.
  7. 다기한번말해주세요. [Dagi hanbun mal hae chuseyo= Please say that once more.
  8. 아직 이해가 안 돼요. [ajik ihae ga an dwae yo] = I still don’t get it.
  9. 적어 주세요. [chageu chusaeyo] = Please write it down.
  10. 감사합니다. (kamsahamnida) = Thank you.
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