About me and my language obsession

My name is Evan. I’m a writer, a reader, a talker, a teacher. I teach English. I speak Spanish and French. I can communicate in American Sign Language and Portuguese. I struggle with Japanese. I am pretty useless with Korean. I can fake a little bit of German. I’m told I’ve been talking since before I knew how to talk. When I had to take French in school, I hated it as much as I hated all my classes, but later in life I found that talking feels good. Communication makes life better. Once I started to get by in French, someone spoke to me in Spanish. So I became a beginner again. Then I moved to Japan, and so on…

Time I’ve spent in Montréal, Paris, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Berlin, Istanbul, Korea and Toronto has kept me in constant contact with people who speak languages other than my own. I want to speak, read, write and sign them all. This is my modest start.

Questions about English?* Maybe I can help you; I’ve taught it for years.

Any help you can give me to improve my usage and understanding of your language will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s talk!

If English is not a challenge for you (or if you enjoy the challenge), please read my other blog, Good Evaning, which is about all kinds of things which you might find entertaining or upsetting, or maybe both. http://goodevaning.wordpress.com


8 Responses to About me and my language obsession

  1. Emily Liu says:

    Hey Evan, great website! Thanks for the Chinese New Year wishes.
    Traditional Chinese: 新年快樂; Simplified: 新年快乐

  2. Sarah says:

    How in the world does own know so many things???

  3. Teddy says:

    Hi Evan! I tried to find your email but couldn’t find it. I guess you don’t put it here. Well, anyway, thanks a lot for visiting my blog. It is a pleasure to get acquainted with you and it is very interesting to learn that you have taught language overseas. I have always been dreaming of going overseas to learn more about other culture and to use the languages that I have learn as well as to learn new languages. =D

    • Good Evaning says:

      Hi Teddy, thank you for writing!

      Anyone interested in Teddy’s native languages, Fujianese/Hokkien ( 福建話 ) and Indonesian, or his [not her, sorry!] other languages, Chinese Mandarin 中文 , Spanish and (obviously!) English, should see her blog http://neeslanguageblog.blogspot.ca/

      As they say in Mexico, Teddy,
      estamos en contacto!


      • Teddy says:

        Evan, “his” please..haha

      • Good Evaning says:

        Sorry, Teddy! Or should I call you “Mr. T”? (World of Warcraft Mr. T)

        Name genders are interesting in different languages.
        In English, names are flexible. My name is traditionally male, but now it is sometimes used for girls, like the actress http://evanrachelwood.net/evan/
        My neighbour’s wife is named Bobby, usually a male name.

        Teaching in Mexico, I learned that if a Spanish name ends in “a” it’s female and if it ends in “o” it’s male (like Alejandro). Teaching in Japan, I observed many female names end with “ko” (like Erico).

  4. Teddy says:

    I see.. That is interesting..Sure, you can call me Mr.T or Teddy as long as the gender is correct. XD

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